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Introducing Sarah Jastre, Photographer

Introducing Sarah Jastre, Photographer

December 24, 2016

Introducing Sarah Jastre, Photographer for Undersummers by CarrieRae.  This is part of a series highlighting local Photographers.  Sarah Jastre is a long time friend of CarrieRae located in the Western Chicago Suburbs. The majority of her photography business is in Plainfield, IL. 


Q: What is your background as a photographer.

SJ: I started off as a self taught photographer but in order to keep learning and perfect my craft I have taken several college courses as well as numerous workshops.   I try to take about two workshops a year in different areas.


Q:  What is it like to work with CarrieRae & Undersummers?

SJ:  I love getting to work with Carrie, she’s one of my favorite people! Being able to work with her and Undersummers has been fun.   It’s allowed me to be able to think outside the box on a professional level.   It’s also been fun meeting women of average size who think they are too overweight and being able to photograph them and show them just how amazing and beautiful they really are!


Q:  How do you find models for Undersummers?

SJ:  Usually I post a model call on my photography Facebook page to see if anyone is interested.   If I don’t get much luck there I start hitting up friends of friends and family!


Q:  The models are average American women. What is their reaction to trying on Undersummers Shortlettes for the first time?

SJ:  I have to admit that at first I think the models are a little confused as to what the Undersummers Shortlettes really are. I think they just assume that they are for tummy control and such.   I think you really need to try them to understand and appreciate them. Every model to date has commented as to how soft and comfortable they are and when the photoshoot is over I think they are excited to use the product in their real everyday situations.


Q:  Tell us some fun things about the models who have participated in a photoshoot for Undersummers.

SJ:  The models I have used so far have all ranged in age. Some have been as young as their low twenties up to their forties. So, far all have been mothers.   I always invite their little ones to be in a couple of shots if they would like!


Q:  What locations have you used to create everyday situations for Undersummers?

SJ:  I try to choose everyday locations that normal women go.   Most recently I have done a shoot at the local park. I’ve also done a shoot sitting in the models own back yard doing what she normally does.   I would love to incorporate more fun ideas into future photo shoots. I picture a woman at the Laundromat, grocery shopping, getting her hair done, etc!


Q:  What are you looking forward to doing next?

SJ:  Well, because we have 4 seasons I was really trying to utilize the outdoors for my past shoots.   Now that winter is upon us I would love to get working on some of my indoor ideas.   I really want to do the Laundromat shoot I was talking about in the last question.   I’d love to put a vintage twist on it.   I know Carrie and I have discussed doing a bridal shoot as well.   I am looking forward to coordinating several models along with a hair and makeup team to execute that session! It’s always fun to do something a little creative and different!


Q:  Do you have any memorable comments or situation that have occurred while doing images for Undersummers?

SJ:  Nothing too memorable but I do have to say that it’s interesting to see how unsure the models usually are at the beginning of the shoot.   You wouldn’t think showing a little leg would be that intimidating but for many it is. They always tell me how shy they are and such.   By the end of the session it’s fun to see them come out of their shell and see how much more comfortable they are not only with the situation but how much more comfortable they are with their own bodies!

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Correct Fit Guidelines:
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